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Image Masking Services

Image masking services is one of the most important and capable services in online market world. When you have complex image that contain hair or fur, he need to apply Photoshop image masking technique. Maximum clients wants to see products in white background specially contains hair or fur. So save time to choose advanced image masking techniques to satisfy consumers demand photos.

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What is image masking?

Image masking is very latest image editing technique to alienate part of image from other parts of photos that have hair or fur. It corrects partial area of a photo without untouched the shape of images. Everybody can take image masking services with close of eye when your photos have blurred edges and also hair.

Who needs image masking services?

When your product photos contains fuzzy edges and hair, image masking will be best service for e-commerce business. Image masking give more accurate and perfect result than clipping path. We apply different image masking techniques and tools on different images. Image masking’s focus the transparency, clearness and perfect fitness of products photo to grow purchaser attention. Image masking also helps professional photographer to separate and remove any disturbance without change the outline of photos. It allows natural view of photos for your clients. When you have small business but needs huge of image editing maintaining transparent background and also hide some unnecessary portion. We faithfully connects with image masking services saving time and affordable prices.

When to use image masking

  • For advertising well known market places like Amazon and eBay to fulfill all necessity.
  • When you have batches of photos contains blurred edges and hair. 
  • When you need white, lucid background photo without unchanged the shape and size of photos.

When not to use image masking

  • When you have same background color and photos that you need.
  • If your Photo allows sharp edges and hair, we should deny image masking.

Image masking at Clipping Path Link

No two images are the same. That’s why we carefully analyze each photo to determine the best approach. More often than not, a high-quality image requires the use of more than one technique or tool. We combine multiple approaches including the background eraser tool, color separation, channel mask and hand-drawn clipping paths to achieve the best-looking photo for you or your clients. We’re not finished until every edge is sharp and smooth, and every minor detail captured.

With more than 300 employees and five locations, we have skilled graphic designers and photo editors in various areas. After examining your photo and needs, we make sure the most qualified editor fulfills your order to the highest standards. You get professionally edited images that will make your clients happy all at a price you can afford and a turnaround time to help you meet even the most aggressive deadlines. Unlike many other image masking services, we do everything by hand. We’ve seen, firsthand, the results of automations and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand. Today’s consumers demand quality, and so do we at Clipping Path Link. We pride ourselves on the quality of the finished product no matter how many images you need edited.

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We know, Photoshop image masking service is a way to isolate or edit subjects of images without destroying a single pixel. To seize the side of any subject like hair, dolls, or fabrics, photo masking is a must for your products photos. There is no technique is as effective as image masking to bring perfection in photos while it does not cause any harm to the raw image after editing. Image masking can select necessary portion by this method.
You can share with us the specific design you want for image masking. Our skilled clipping path link team will help you to make it happen.
• Hard image masking: to create fully transparent masks where pixel intensity set at zero.
• Soft image masking: to get a clear, vivid masks while pixel intensity lowered but greater than zero.
At clipping path link, photo masking services are an excellent option if you want to keep the quality and clarity of your photos. Our team can quickly adjust the design of the mask where also know how to handle the layers properly so that their pixels are not damaged by any kind of accident. So, get in touch to discuss about your projects that need image masking services.

Photoshop Layer Masking

Photoshop Layer masking can use for most common purposes as a modern photo editing technique. This process is used to make an image which is used for business, fashion, or personal uses. Through this service, we select a portion of a photo which want to keep on the final image and turn the rest transparent to create layer mask. Also, can change, add, edit, or replace the subjects with the help of layer masking.

The method is made from combination of image masking and clipping path. Images which require special skillful editing contains hair or fur and need a accurate transparency level. For this type of photos, we apply alpha channels masks with a brush tool and when image contain mostly backgrounds with a single color. Subjects of photos get separation through background removal.

We make the best use of your photos for e-commerce. It’s simple, time consuming and benefited for advertising your products to customers.

Your gratification is our victory. Look over our occupational quality works and knock me at any time.

Your gratification is our victory. Look over our occupational quality works and knock me at any time.

Your gratification is our victory. Look over our occupational quality works and knock me at any time.

Your gratification is our victory. Look over our occupational quality works and knock me at any time.

Your gratification is our victory. Look over our occupational quality works and knock me at any time.

Your gratification is our victory. Look over our occupational quality works and knock me at any time.


Our highly trained designer team is providing their finest services within little time, affordable prices, volume discount on bulk orders, hand decorated clipping path and overnight delivery.

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